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Curriculum Vitae & Terra Rosa

Pembe Gaziler


She is teaching ‘Art and Design’ classes for public secondary school in North Cyprus.  She is  Art and Culture Coordinator at Naci Talat Foundation's Gallery and president of Tango Cyprus Art and Culture Association. She is doing her art and art therapy sessions at her studio; ”Terra Rosa Art & Therapy Studio”.

She was the Curator of Collision 2011; International Contemporary Art Exhibition which was funded by the European Union and implemented by WYG International.

1978 Born in Sydney,Australia. 2003, Graduated from Hacettepe University Fine Arts Faculty with master degree, which the research subject is ‘Mediterranean Civilizations at Artistic Way of Ceramic Forms’. She got her second master degree from Education Science Faculty in 2005. In 2010 she had her MA on International Workshops, Contemporary Art and Art Therapy in Barcelona.

She participated exhibitions in Finland, Canada, Lithuania, Italy, Spain, Istanbul, Ankara, North and South Cyprus.

Solo exhibitions

2004 ‘The Earth Sensed the Sea’ Eaved House, Nicosia .
2010 “Muy Fragile”, Associació de Ceramistes de Catalunya, Barcelona.

Art-works in permanent collections

2010 Associació de Ceramistes de Catalunya, Barcelona
2008 Hambis Printmaking Museum, Plataniskeia, Limassol
2006 T.R.N.C. National Library, Ministry of National Education and Culture, Nicosia.
2006 Library of Near East University, Nicosia
2004 Adriaan van der Meer (Ex Head of the Representation of  the European Commission in Cyprus)

Blogs: pembegaziler.blogspot.com



This is a little start to give you an idea about Terra Rosa Design. I am still working to create more products and still working with the pictures to put them to the blog.

My special thanks to Deniz Direkçi, Sergül Taydaş, Sedef Tecimer, Kerim Belet and Rana Zincir for believing in my project, for their support and putting effort to take great pictures.

Please email me for further questions and orders.

Pembe Gaziler
Terra Rosa Designer.

Terra Rosa Design in private collection
Photo by Kerim Belet

                                                         Terra Rosa Design in private collection
                                                                      Photo by Kerim Belet

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